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Meet the Browns!

A first generation Italian-American family is bringing an authentic Italian gelato and café experience right here to Montclair, NJ! We live in Montclair and travel to Italy every summer. One of the experiences we enjoy most in Italy is walking through old historic towns and plazas, and sampling gelato along the way. We wanted to bring a bit of that joy and authenticity to Montclair’s historic Church Street. While Montclair is known for its breadth of restaurants, Benvenuti will be the town’s first authentic gelateria, where gelato is churned fresh daily before your eyes.


Alessandra’s family is from Torino (1 hour south of Milan), the capital of Piemonte and home of Piazza Vittorio, the largest square in Europe. Juxtaposed among the city’s rich historic landmarks and cobblestone streets are some of the best gelato makers in the world. Flavors such as Gianduia originated in Torino. We designed Benvenuti to reflect the charm, history and quality experienced when one sets foot in a Torino gelateria.

Torino (Alessandra).jpg

While in Italy it is easy to find a small gelateria with great flavors and a place to rest, no such place existed in Montclair, until now!


We hope you find the quality, comfort and authenticity in Benvenuti that we were seeking to bring from Italy. Our ingredients are fresh, locally sourced and without artificial flavors. To satisfy Montclair’s varied tastes, in addition to traditional Italian flavors, we offer vegan and CBD flavors. We will also change our offering to satisfy local demand, so please let us know if you have a particular preference.

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